Phenomenon based learning curriculum

Phenomenon Based Learning (PhenoBL) / Finnish curriculum We are curriculum developers of Phenomenon based learning in India. We offer wise range of preschool set up services across India.   The curriculum should be based on age-specific learning outcomes. Sensitive and appreciative teachers create a caring, secure space for little ones in “big school” for the first time. A space

How to start a playscape in India

How to start a playscape in India if you want to know how to set up a soft play centre in India ? are indoor playgrounds profitable ? or indoor playground business cost, then contact us. We are consultants in India and have set up playscapes and Indoor playgrounds for children.   Today lot of

What are the Creche Facility Rules In India

Crèche Facility Rules In India Parents today are very particular about the upbringing of their children. Gone are the days when there was at least the mother to look after the child while the father was working. Then there were at least the grandparents who were willing to take that responsibility in a joint family.

naeyc early childhood curriculum

Naeyc preschool curriculum We are naeyc preschool curriculum and early childhood curriculum planning consultants in India There is increasing awareness among parents and those in the teaching fraternity about the need to make available high quality preschool education to kids. The brain development of the infant when 0-5 years is at its peak and the

Montessori preschool curriculum

Montessori preschool education was designed for kids in the age group of 2.5 – 6 years. The object behind this curriculum was to accord independence to children to express themselves within a framework of syllabus. The system is famous the world over and has been proven to boost early development in kids. Concepts are taught

Eyfs preschool curriculum in India – Early Years Foundation Stage

There is no disputing the reality about years 0-5 being the most important when it comes to mental development in an infant. It is therefore crucial that the right curriculum is followed by preschools, caretakers, nursery schools and Montessori institutions. The EYFS preschool curriculum in India has been designed keeping this in view. The curriculum

Cbse preschool curriculum

Over the past few years, there is renewed effort to improve attendance of children in Indian schools. More emphasis is being given to the girl child and her education. Some State governments have been providing with free cycles to girl children so that they do not have a problem commuting to and from school. In

Stem Learning in early childhood education in India

The acronym STEM and its introduction in early school education such as preschools is being debated a lot. Many are convinced about its advantages but there are others who still question why should it be introduced in preschools? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. The course curriculum hinges upon the smart integration of

phonics classes in mumbai

phonics classes in mumbai for parents and adults We now bring you the very best in phonics teacher training in Mumbai It is a well known fact children at the preschool levels are very impressionable and learn things very quickly from those who teach them. That is why it is essential they are exposed to correct

Start or open your private school in india

If you are considering opening a private school in India, it is considered as a prospective business option. Similarly, it is also considered a noble profession and has its due respect too. You can start a preschool, play school exclusively or you can club it with a primary and secondary school as well. Based on