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How to Open a Playgroup School in India

The initial days of childhood play a vital role in determining the lives of small children. At such a gentle age, children usually learn from the things which they see around them and it is here that playschools have managed to meet up to the parents’ hopes and expectations. Because of this there is a

Preschool winter curriculum

Winter is also the best time to introduce a new activity in your preschool. If met with success, it is great to include the same in regular activity classes during the week. The advantage here is that kids get a variety of things and this works out to be additional income. Planning a winter curriculum

Start your own preschool – preschool procedures and policies

The new trendsetter in the educational life of children is the preschool. Preschool has become an essential part of the society where women in urban areas are mostly working and need someone or a place where their children can be taken care of and at the same time can learn new things. Mothers are not

Preschool curriculum design

There is a huge demand for preschools nowadays. Most of the demand emerged initially because the Indian women are working shoulder to shoulder with men and need a place where their children will be taken care of. A preschool is a place where not only proper care is taken of children, but also they are

Primary Curriculum in India

Primary education also referred to as elementary education in India. The primary curriculum in India aims to ensure that children receive the opportunities to learn and develop themselves as complete individuals and get ready to meet the challenges of further education. In India, primary curriculum is developed by various boards and institutions and various teaching

Soft Gym Curriculum for Pre-primary in India

A best school takes care of the all round development of kids. This development includes the emotional, intellectual as well as physical development. Kids are bundles of energy and they need a lot of physical activity to let out this energy and gain more. In India, schools have the best of curriculums to ensure that

IB Preschool Curriculum in India

The IB or International Baccalaureate is a nonprofit educational foundation headquartered in Geneva and operating in several countries. Other than the IB schools, several other schools are adopting the IB curriculum or are developing their own curriculum based on the IB norms. IB defines international education based on various criteria like developing ethics and moral

Pre-nursery Curriculum

Prenursery years are the schooling years for children between 2 to 3 years of age. These years are most important in the academic phase of the kid as they lay the foundation of the preschool and school life. Selecting the correct curriculum for pre-nursery is important for the school management as well as for the

International Preschool Curriculum in India

Adapting a global approach, several upcoming preschools in India have started implementing the International style preschool curriculum. The curriculum emphasizes the overall development of the kids that includes academics, sports, extracurricular activities and communication skills. Music, poetry, rhymes, games, sports and other interactive activities appropriate for the preschool age group and included. The curriculum facilitates