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naeyc early childhood curriculum

Naeyc preschool curriculum We are naeyc preschool curriculum and early childhood curriculum planning consultants in India There is increasing awareness among parents and those in the teaching fraternity about the need to make available high quality preschool education to kids. The brain development of the infant when 0-5 years is at its peak and the

How to open a nursery school in India

Nursery schools present a stage for a child to enter into in the interesting world of education. These nursery schools are quite influential in building a child’s personality and setting a strong foundation for child’s future. Therefore it is crucial for the parents to be very careful in choosing a nursery school for their child,

Start your own preschool – preschool procedures and policies

The new trendsetter in the educational life of children is the preschool. Preschool has become an essential part of the society where women in urban areas are mostly working and need someone or a place where their children can be taken care of and at the same time can learn new things. Mothers are not

NRI investments and Opportunities in schools and preschools in India

NRI investments and Opportunities in schools and preschools in India As classified by the Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC), the Indian education system is classified into core and non-core businesses. OIFC classifies school and higher education as core groups while pre-schools come under non-core businesses. The education sector in India has developed to a large

School Set ups and School Consultants in India

School Set ups and School Consultants in India Imparting education has been considered as one of the most honorable and sacred profession since ages. Schools are institutions that are instrumental in shaping the individuals that form the society. Excellent schools with good infrastructure, amenities, a strong curriculum and experienced staff are always in great demand.

Preschool Franchise India

The need for a good preschool arises when people expect a good foundation for the schooling of their kids. In India, the demand for quality preschools is on the rise. Several good brands of preschools are expanding their networks in small and big cities. These brands offer great franchise opportunities. On the other hand, there

International Preschool Curriculum in India

Adapting a global approach, several upcoming preschools in India have started implementing the International style preschool curriculum. The curriculum emphasizes the overall development of the kids that includes academics, sports, extracurricular activities and communication skills. Music, poetry, rhymes, games, sports and other interactive activities appropriate for the preschool age group and included. The curriculum facilitates

Start a Preschool at Home

A preschool is a good option if you love kids and love educating them. You can start a preschool in the comfort of your home too. However, you need to follow some steps to make it authentic, attractive for kids and comforting for parents to send their kids. The first step is to study the