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phonics classes in mumbai

phonics classes in mumbai for parents and adults We now bring you the very best in phonics teacher training in Mumbai It is a well known fact children at the preschool levels are very impressionable and learn things very quickly from those who teach them. That is why it is essential they are exposed to correct

Start or open your private school in india

If you are considering opening a private school in India, it is considered as a prospective business option. Similarly, it is also considered a noble profession and has its due respect too. You can start a preschool, play school exclusively or you can club it with a primary and secondary school as well. Based on

International Kindergarten, play school I.B curriculum development planning

An International curriculum can be designed for the Kindergarten school by researching the curricula that are adopted globally and then extracting the best practices and adopt them so as to balance the academic and overall development of the kids.   One of the essential criteria for the Kindergarten curriculum has to be the learning through

Set up activity centers, after school programs, and day cares in India

Day care is a very prospective and lucrative business in India. With the increasing awareness about baby care, parents are getting more and more aware of the latest trends in day care system. As a result this business has evolved with a professional touch. You can start your own day care centre on a small

Hindi curriculum for preschoolers in India

Preschool education has achieved quick recognition in last few years. In fact, the idea of early childhood learning has observed an enormous paradigm shift. There are many reasons for this sudden change in the society, it could be increasing awareness among parents regarding importance of early education and the other reason could be the busy

How to open a nursery school in India

Nursery schools present a stage for a child to enter into in the interesting world of education. These nursery schools are quite influential in building a child’s personality and setting a strong foundation for child’s future. Therefore it is crucial for the parents to be very careful in choosing a nursery school for their child,

Preschool winter curriculum

Winter is also the best time to introduce a new activity in your preschool. If met with success, it is great to include the same in regular activity classes during the week. The advantage here is that kids get a variety of things and this works out to be additional income. Planning a winter curriculum

Preschool summer curriculum

It is overwhelming to note the response and interest of parents in the preschool activities and curriculum. An innovative syllabus is the foremost important thing when you want to create an impression. A summer curriculum must be a part of the activity plan for the entire calendar year. This can be impressive ideas with art

How to Extend a Pre-Primary School to Primary School in India

If you have started and established your preschool in India then the next step of expansion is to set up a primary school. The regulations in India to set up an autonomous preschool are less stringent. However, getting a primary school registered requires you to follow certain guidelines. There are a number of agencies and

After School Programs in India

In today’s competitive age, parents want the kids to grow up with an education that provides this overall development. Schools are all set to provide the curricular and extracurricular coaching too. However, the time after the school hours can be utilized optimally to channelize the kids. The initiative of After School Programs works on this