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Preschool winter curriculum

Winter is also the best time to introduce a new activity in your preschool. If met with success, it is great to include the same in regular activity classes during the week. The advantage here is that kids get a variety of things and this works out to be additional income. Planning a winter curriculum

Preschool summer curriculum

It is overwhelming to note the response and interest of parents in the preschool activities and curriculum. An innovative syllabus is the foremost important thing when you want to create an impression. A summer curriculum must be a part of the activity plan for the entire calendar year. This can be impressive ideas with art

How to Extend a Pre-Primary School to Primary School in India

If you have started and established your preschool in India then the next step of expansion is to set up a primary school. The regulations in India to set up an autonomous preschool are less stringent. However, getting a primary school registered requires you to follow certain guidelines. There are a number of agencies and

After School Programs in India

In today’s competitive age, parents want the kids to grow up with an education that provides this overall development. Schools are all set to provide the curricular and extracurricular coaching too. However, the time after the school hours can be utilized optimally to channelize the kids. The initiative of After School Programs works on this

Preschool Consultants India

If you are looking forward to start your own preschool, or opt out for a good franchise or you wish to upgrade your preschool but not sure how to get this done, then you can hire preschool consultants. These are professionals who can assist you in various tasks related to preschools. This includes finalizing a

International Preschool Curriculum in India

Adapting a global approach, several upcoming preschools in India have started implementing the International style preschool curriculum. The curriculum emphasizes the overall development of the kids that includes academics, sports, extracurricular activities and communication skills. Music, poetry, rhymes, games, sports and other interactive activities appropriate for the preschool age group and included. The curriculum facilitates