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How to start a playscape in India

How to start a playscape in India if you want to know how to set up a soft play centre in India ? are indoor playgrounds profitable ? or indoor playground business cost, then contact us. We are consultants in India and have set up playscapes and Indoor playgrounds for children.   Today lot of

What are the Creche Facility Rules In India

Crèche Facility Rules In India Parents today are very particular about the upbringing of their children. Gone are the days when there was at least the mother to look after the child while the father was working. Then there were at least the grandparents who were willing to take that responsibility in a joint family.

Montessori preschool curriculum

Montessori preschool education was designed for kids in the age group of 2.5 – 6 years. The object behind this curriculum was to accord independence to children to express themselves within a framework of syllabus. The system is famous the world over and has been proven to boost early development in kids. Concepts are taught

how to plan a preschool curriculum

A lot of thought and consideration needs to go into the planning of preschool curriculum. Though it may appear to be an easy task to teach the tiny tots, planning the schedule, lessons, preschool worksheets and extracurricular activities for these active little brains requires considering a lot of factors. The curriculum for playgroup in India

Set up activity centers, after school programs, and day cares in India

Day care is a very prospective and lucrative business in India. With the increasing awareness about baby care, parents are getting more and more aware of the latest trends in day care system. As a result this business has evolved with a professional touch. You can start your own day care centre on a small

How to Open a Playgroup School in India

The initial days of childhood play a vital role in determining the lives of small children. At such a gentle age, children usually learn from the things which they see around them and it is here that playschools have managed to meet up to the parents’ hopes and expectations. Because of this there is a

Preschool summer activities

Summers are about unwinding and fun. This is also the spring-summer break time that brings leisure and happiness for children. Children often get bored with extra time at home but if this can be channelized in a new inspiring way, it can add value to their lives. Preschool summer camps for kids with fun games

Start your own preschool – preschool procedures and policies

The new trendsetter in the educational life of children is the preschool. Preschool has become an essential part of the society where women in urban areas are mostly working and need someone or a place where their children can be taken care of and at the same time can learn new things. Mothers are not

How to open a preschool in India

Preschool has become the new essential requirement in the growth and first steps of education of the children/toddlers. Most of the kindergarten schools require a preschool certificate to give admission to children in their schools. Thus a preschool business is mushrooming and guarantees success if you follow few steps diligently. If you are looking to

School Set ups and School Consultants in India

School Set ups and School Consultants in India Imparting education has been considered as one of the most honorable and sacred profession since ages. Schools are institutions that are instrumental in shaping the individuals that form the society. Excellent schools with good infrastructure, amenities, a strong curriculum and experienced staff are always in great demand.