Cbse preschool curriculum

Over the past few years, there is renewed effort to improve attendance of children in Indian schools. More emphasis is being given to the girl child and her education. Some State governments have been providing with free cycles to girl children so that they do not have a problem commuting to and from school. In addition, the midday meal scheme too has been very useful in motivating parents to send their children to school and not drop out mid way during the day.

Having mentioned the above, more is needed to motivate children and parents to keep the enthusiasm high and attend school regularly. Aspects requiring improvement that come to the fore include infrastructure, faculty as well as the curriculum. The CBSE preschool curriculum is  right step in this direction as it exposes to children at an early age to interesting and engaging concepts.

CBSE curriculum has been a proven success


The CBSE general curriculum is common across all CBSE schools and therefore is welcomed by parents as they do not have to worry when posted in a different city during the course of their careers. If this can be introduced at the preschool level, the impact will be much greater as teachers, parents and children will get used to the syllabus and the expectations of the syllabus from an early stage.


This will also end the problems of having to follow syllabi of different States. Parents and children are not very encouraged to study State syllabus because of the following reasons:


  • Subject content not satisfactory
  • Teachers not well trained enough to teach the subject as it should be taught
  • Maintaining continuity becomes difficult during transfers and even when changing schools within the same State.
  • Monitoring of the course content and adherence not up to the mark


The result is that the dropout is high and parents too lose focus and interest in compelling their children to stay put and continue studies.


CBSE preschool curriculum will follow guidelines


Since CBSE is monitored by the Central Government that has laid down specific guidelines on its implementation, the course content as well as quality of teaching will be of acceptable standards. Adjustment for higher classes will not be difficult for students and interest in studies will be much better. The guidelines specify the type of infrastructure in schools, teacher to children ratio, hygiene requirements and regular assessment of children.

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