how to plan a preschool curriculum

A lot of thought and consideration needs to go into the planning of preschool curriculum. Though it may appear to be an easy task to teach the tiny tots, planning the schedule, lessons, preschool worksheets and extracurricular activities for these active little brains requires considering a lot of factors. The curriculum for playgroup in India has evolved a lot in the last decade.

The preschool kids that join the school come from varied economic, social and cultural backgrounds. The language that they speak at home is not necessarily English and they take time to adapt the communication in English language. The competencies, interests, learning levels and other skills also differ in each child. The curriculum needs to consider all these diverse factors and requires to provide the best options that can facilitate every child to go through the process of learning and development in a smooth way.

The framework of the preschool curriculum needs to be drafted on the basis of four domains, namely the development of language, Mathematics skills, activities that boost the social and emotional skills and physical activities. The subjects, lessons and activities can be interactive and have the learn through fun approach. However, at the same time they should induce the kids to the classroom learning method that they need to get accustomed to.


If you are planning a preschool curriculum, you can think of consulting experts or preschool curriculum developers in India from the field of education and child psychology. It is ideal that such a panel works on the preschool curriculum planning ideas and also gets them reviewed.

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