How to start a playscape in India

How to start a playscape in India

if you want to know how to set up a soft play centre in India ? are indoor playgrounds profitable ? or indoor playground business cost, then contact us. We are consultants in India and have set up playscapes and Indoor playgrounds for children.


Today lot of Indoor playgrounds for children are popular locations for parents with toddlers and young kids and especially they have vacations batch more often. These gyms offer a fun secure location where kids can challenge themselves, meet new friends and learn new skills and have fun time with learning. Options to open a children’s indoor playground include buying into a franchise or starting your own independent gym. Once you know the brand direction, you need to acquire equipment and all the proper state registrations.

Pro-phase investigation

If you want to invest a children’s playground. Decide the area, targeting customer and theme of your own playground. And conduct a risk assessment of the planned playground. So, with this information, we can find manufacturers. According to this your information, you provide, the factories will produce their planning programs. Now we can choose the most suitable cooperation factory.

Indoor Playground Licensing

Indoor playgrounds are not child care facilities. Parents don’t drop off their children to be watched by someone else. Because of this, most states don’t have specific licensing requirements, but you should check with your local city business planning department to confirm. For example, Chicago requires a Children’s Activity Facility permit.

Playground design.

Generally, the manufacturers will provide design services but also you can find a professional designing company to do it. You need to provide the area of the site, floor plan and other requirements according to your plan. Then, they design based on the information you provided.

Decided where in your space you want the playground to be. Remember to think of things like party rooms, eating areas, areas for couches or tables & chairs for parents to sit and relax.

Get a floor plan and/or measurements of your location and contact Indoor Playground International to obtain a custom quote. If you have some ideas of theming in mind, lay down the same and if not that is also ok.

Discussion about the equipment price.

If the manufacturer does the design, they will come up with the product price when they finish the designing work. But, if you do the design work with the designing company, you have to discuss the price with your manufacturer. As the product pricing is different between different factories. Some calculate the price by the area, while others are calculating by specific product price. After the price is negotiated, the next is the payment and contract issues. After all the above fixed, after delivery of deposit, equipment manufacturers began to produce your custom playground.

Advertising the New Gym

Any new venture won’t succeed without a solid marketing and advertising plan. Look for local parent organizations such as mom’s clubs or lactation providers where new parents meet and share ideas. Give a special introductory offer to the group and maybe host a special play date afternoon just for their children. Take to social media. While ads and general announcements work, find parent groups to join. Share useful tips on parenting and teaching positive play. Be a participant – not just someone trying to sell playground tickets. Offer specials for parties or special rainy day offers. Become a resource for parents, and they will help spread the word for your new facility.