How to teach preschoolers about India

Patriotic fervor in children is an exciting part of preschool. With so many events and national holidays to celebrate Indian festivals, traditions and the national days, it is easy to talk to children about India. Students at preschool enjoy role-plays and dress up schedules. It is great to include certain festivals and a secular outlook while celebrating these days. A small skit or a narration as per their age and understanding will need to be worked out.

For e.g. during Raksha Bandhan, a small skit of brave warriors bidding adieu to their sisters and families will work out as a great skit. It also indirectly brings out the beauty of the festival. Make it interesting with sweetmeats and elaborate art work or a video.

Singing the national song or anthem and introducing them to various national leaders can be done with an enactment. Several costumes pertaining to national leaders are available and students can avail of the same. Story form narration of our freedom struggle along with poetic songs work well too. Students are eager to absorb more via knowledge imparted with practical applications.

The effort of teachers and the co-operation of parents are important to make it a success. Learning is a continuous process but what is learnt in the formative years akin to a preschool is etched in their mind for a long time. The historic places, rivers, geographical location, forts, ruins and ancient monuments are interesting for children. Images of old coins, the village life and ethnic dressing improve their knowledge about India. Every effort is worth to let the future generation of India understand about our country.

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