International Kindergarten, play school I.B curriculum development planning

An International curriculum can be designed for the Kindergarten school by researching the curricula that are adopted globally and then extracting the best practices and adopt them so as to balance the academic and overall development of the kids.


One of the essential criteria for the Kindergarten curriculum has to be the learning through fun approach. Numerous activities that enhance the creative, social, academic, emotional and behavioral skills in children can be introduced in the curriculum. The methods of teaching the preschool curriculum activities
should be in a play way and yet they should be flexible and balanced with those framed by the international curriculum in Kindergarten schools across the globe.

Several Kindergarten schools in India plan the full day Kindergarten curriculum where in the lesson plan is scheduled. The International curriculum provides the flexibility of planning the academic calendar with respect to the day wise, weekly or monthly schedule as it introduces the projects, activities, games and celebrations related to various subjects and topics. This helps to make each day equally interesting and inspiring for the kids. Kids learn various academic subjects like languages, Math, reasoning and logical skills and so on by the fun way.

One more way of introducing the International curriculum is by adopting the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) curriculum or designing one that is inspired by the same. The IB PYP or Primary Years Program is developed for kids of the age group of 3-12 and hence becomes applicable for the Kindergarten as well. IB has its own unique methodologies and aspects of teaching and learning. You need to understand the requirements and aims and also need to know how the curriculum can benefit the kids that go on to pursue either the IB or some different curriculum from the primary years ahead.

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