International Preschool Curriculum in India

Adapting a global approach, several upcoming preschools in India have started implementing the International style preschool curriculum. The curriculum emphasizes the overall development of the kids that includes academics, sports, extracurricular activities and communication skills. Music, poetry, rhymes, games, sports and other interactive activities appropriate for the preschool age group and included.

The curriculum facilitates overall assessment of the student and gives stress on fun based learning environment. Other than the usual academic subjects, the students are also introduced to application based subjects that teach them practical applications and skills. Family involvement is another important aspect of this curriculum.

In the Indian scenario today where most of the families are nuclear and both the parents are working, a need for a balanced curriculum that emphasizes the all round development of the preschool kids is important. The subjects, method of studies and even the games of the preschool curriculum are designed considering the specific age groups.

It not only helps the students to enjoy the studies but also focuses on development of their cognitive and motor skills. Trained teachers ensure the correct methodologies to deliver this curriculum. For more information related to the International style Preschool Curriculum, contact our consultants.

Children are very much fascinated by the games and activities at school since school no longer remains confined to classroom studies and homework. Celebrations of various types are also considered to be significant to develop the social skills of the kids.