Montessori preschool curriculum

Montessori preschool education was designed for kids in the age group of 2.5 – 6 years. The object behind this curriculum was to accord independence to children to express themselves within a framework of syllabus. The system is famous the world over and has been proven to boost early development in kids.

Concepts are taught through interaction between teacher and children

Montessori schools believe in interactive sessions during class. The focus is upon using technology to the best extent possible. Children like adults react well to visual medium and are more receptive to concepts when they can see them displayed on screen in a colorful and interesting manner. When teachers are able to explain and engage with children, the teaching process becomes a consultative one and becomes more interesting to children.The audio visual medium along with other technological gadgets have vastly improved the methodology of education delivery.

Montessori preschool curriculum is about fun and play as well

Montessori education does have rules about how to complete the syllabus. However, it is not only about studies. The curriculum provides sufficient time to both teachers and children for play time as well as other creative activities. The intent is to make kids comfortable with the learning process by combining it with play and other diversions. The attempt is to break away from the formal system of education that relied mainly on classroom teaching with emphasis only on studies and exams.

Children have been observed to respond better to Montessori preschool curriculum also because abstract concepts of math and language are taught in a seamless manner and through interesting activities. Memory learning is not encouraged and children are put in situations where they have to interact with peers, work with them for tasks, which creates team building opportunities.

Montessori preschool curriculum makes kids confident for KG

It can be quite unsettling for any child to directly go to KG without any exposure to classroom atmosphere before. Montessori prepares the children through this curriculum, equipping them with some of the skills, temperament and abilities to attend KG seamlessly and do well in that level.

Kids now know they can express themselves, ask questions to teachers, know the importance of doing things on time, how to behave with others in the class and so on. Their brain is also tuned to take on challenges of tougher subjects and they do not feel overwhelmed with the syllabus.

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