Mother Toddler Program Curriculum

The mother toddler program is a short duration program of 6 months to 1 year consisting of limited sessions. Mothers can attend the program with their toddlers between the age group of 9 months to 2 years. The program comprises of various interactive activities that aim to create a bond between the mothers and their toddlers.

Simultaneously the mother learns the various aspects of her kid’s development and also gets to understand the correct ways to get involved in the whole learning process. The activities are designed with multifold objectives. They are designed especially for the toddler age group so as to enhance their intelligence and their exploration curbs. They help the mothers realize the skills and abilities of their children and to accept and work on them.

The activities develop the toddlers to get accustomed to the play school environment and last but not the least, they strengthen the coordination between the mother and the baby. The orientation techniques for moms and the activities for kids are developed by considering various aspects of child psychology and development.  Various aspects of development like emotional, intellectual, physical, creative and social are taken care of by this curriculum.

The mother toddler program is offered by various preschools in India. We can offer guidance to select the appropriate centre where you can register for the program. The programs are scheduled for a couple of hours and around one or two days per week and extend up to six months or one year. The time is planned in convenience for the working moms of today.

This program is not only important for the kids who thoroughly enjoy it but also for the mothers. Both can understand each other in a completely different way and spend quality time together. Mothers can also get to know the significant milestones in child development from one to five years which is considered to be the most significant period.