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Naeyc preschool curriculum

We are naeyc preschool curriculum and early childhood curriculum planning consultants in India

There is increasing awareness among parents and those in the teaching fraternity about the need to make available high quality preschool education to kids. The brain development of the infant when 0-5 years is at its peak and the tendency is to absorb all information and inputs like a sponge during this phase. To optimize mental development in children, different curriculum in the form of nursery, Montessori and Naeyc preschool curriculum have been introduced with great results.

Standardization of curriculum a must

It was observed that the different curriculum prevailing did not address the concerns of parents, teachers and children in making education an interactive and interesting process. There were far too many different curriculums running concurrently and the need for consistency was being felt greatly. Moreover, teachers too were not up to standard and children were being burdened with a lot of repetitive and memory learning stuff.

The Naeyc preschool curriculum has addressed the above concerns effectively. It has mandated the need for all children to be provided with high quality education till the age of 8. Naeyc stands for National Association for the Education of Young Children and is spreading its message across its 300 affiliate chapters as well as through individual members.

We are naeyc preschool curriculum and early childhood curriculum planning consultants in India

ECCE is a policy in India that mirrors the Naeyc

In India, after the government came out with its Right of Children to Education Act, the Ministry of Women and Child Development laid down clear guidelines on how Early Child Education should be conducted and that was how the ECCE policy was put in place.

Though the ECCE is not having global accreditation, it is doing its best to follow the guidelines as well as syllabus to make sure that the overall development of children is achieved. There are specific milestones recommended under the syllabus that children are supposed to accomplish as they grow older. These have to be monitored and those lagging behind have to be provided extra attention to ensure they too accomplish those milestones.

Naeyc preschool curriculum has the following benefits:

  • Educators begin the process of early learning and intervention in the correct manner
  • Children get ready for preschool and KG in an environment that is not too formal and at the same time lays down clear expectations on how they are supposed to behave and comply
  • They learn skills in a set up that is encouraging and not too overwhelming. Abstract concepts become easier to understand for them and they learn virtues of teamwork, problem solving and communication.
  • They are encouraged to be creative as well and arts, music, drama are given equal importance.

So you can now plan for NAEYC curriculum to be implemented at your preschool. Get in touch with us on the numbers below to know how to proceed on this.