NRI investments and Opportunities in schools and preschools in India

NRI investments and Opportunities in schools and preschools in India

As classified by the Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC), the Indian education system is classified into core and non-core businesses. OIFC classifies school and higher education as core groups while pre-schools come under non-core businesses. The education sector in India has developed to a large extent in the last couple of decades. Several new educational institutes right from preschools to Bschools have emerged. Well known international brands seem to be keen to invest here. Indian government is also encouraging investments in this sector.

With the rise in urbanization and expansion of cities, the need for good preschools and primary schools has increased over the years. These primary schools will further grow up as secondary schools in the near future. As a result, education sector has become a lucrative sector of investment for NRIs who are looking forward for long term business proposals.

To invest in a preschool or primary school, one needs to understand the details of the policies and procedures outlined by the Government for NRIs who invest in this sector. Other than the Central Government, the respective State Government also has a set of guidelines. Similarly, one also needs to understand the education system in India, and the requirements and expectations from schools.

Several factors like infrastructural requirements, curriculum that is favored by parents and the availability of trained professionals for the school are also relevant. Since the Indian demography has a majority of young population, the investment in a school also opens up a lot of opportunities for teaching jobs.

Following the rules and norms, you can successfully set up a preschool or a primary school in India. However, it is always better to know that merely setting up a school is not sufficient. India is evolving in the education sector making it more efficient to withstand the global competition. Hence NRIs who invest in this business also need to look into the management to keep the school administration and results up to the mark.