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phonics classes in mumbai for parents and adults

We now bring you the very best in phonics teacher training in Mumbai

It is a well known fact children at the preschool levels are very impressionable and learn things very quickly from those who teach them. That is why it is essential they are exposed to correct speech, accurate reading and writing skills at these ages in addition to developing the right attitude. They will be able to pick up the correct habits at this stage of their life without any fear or inhibitions. Teachers therefore have to be able to guide these impressionable minds with the right inputs. That can be possible only when these teachers too are well trained and can exhibit the above skills to perfection. This is achievable through an appropriate phonics teacher training program conducted for them.

Verbal communication is all about speaking fluently, correctly and using phonetics that are appropriate for the words spoken. Teachers who undergo the phonics teacher training will be able to recognize words, spell them properly due to the phonetics they use for these words. They are then able to use this knowledge for reading and writing correct English that they can pass on to the children under their guidance.

Any language can only be spoken or written well when you are able to identify the letter sounds and combinations. If you have to read fluently, you have to fully grasp the subtle nuances of phonetics involved in addition to relying on context and any other pictorial clues.

The phonics teacher training program will equip the teachers with the following aspects:

  • Identifying the 42 main letters in the English language and writing them
  • Blending sounds for word formation for correct reading
  • Linking the letters associated with the spoken word for proficient writing skills

It is necessary to comprehend text while decoding the words in it. Phonics training equips teachers to do that quickly, resulting in fluent reading with the right diction so that it is clear and easy to understand. Children listening to such reading will not make the typical spelling mistakes since they would go by the phonetics of the words and the diction only.

The phonics training further enables teachers to:

  • Motivate children to do their own reading and writing
  • Boost creativity in them for coming out with story ideas that are new
  • Expand vocabulary they can use in day to day communication with right phonetics
  • Develop self confidence in children so that they are not afraid of public speaking

The above advantages are pretty much visible in children who are trained under teachers who have undergone phonics training. What is more encouraging is the utility of such a program for even other professionals in the media and communications field. They have to interact with media and public frequently and have to be seen to be proficient in their spoken as well as written English. Parents too will benefit from phonics training.

To summarize, the phonics teacher training is a must for teachers and for all those who have to communicate in English in their professional lives. Good communications skills are always respected and taken seriously.