Pre primary Teacher Training


Pre primary Teacher Training :

Pedagogy is gaining more and more prominence nowadays. With that there is a constant need for able teachers to occupy the positions in the teaching industry. We offer one of the best pre primary teacher training in Mumbai. Our syllabus is vast and has an interactive approach which is so very interesting for all students. While it is easy to imbibe the concept, a lot of focus is put on the psychological aspects of kids in the kindergarten age. As it requires greater skill and ability to manage kids pertaining to preprimary, the program has a lot of fun and improvements that creates a lot of focus on teaching via the play way method.The course offered by us is addressed by several exponents in the field who have experience as well as capacity to give information to able students.

We offer the best primary teacher training diploma course in Mumbai which is comprehensive. The course has a set duration and also tutorials that encapsulate the traditional approach of teaching to kids as well has modern improvisations like conducting games and dress up days. The course also guides you about craft sessions and projects through 3 d models which is a superb way to express a concept to young children. Technology based learning is also accentuated in the course.

When it comes to teaching pre primary students, the approach is very different. The psychological factors are taken into care while addressing the syllabus to them. We have a team of experienced faculty who conduct the pre primary teacher training course in Mumbai India. If you are keen on conducting the course, do kindly drop in mail or call us to know about the duration, course structure and fees. Language development and motor skills are also a part of the course.



Nursery teacher training:

The importance of creativity in teaching courses is vital for any kind of enrollment. We offer the best nursery teacher training course in Mumbai as our syllabus aims at all round development of teachers. Taking care of kids in the nursery level requires lot of patience, effort and tact. The skills are also included in the theory as well as practical lessons in the training course. The course aims at creative skills and language development for kids. The fine and gross motor skills in kids are still at the development stage; hence it is addressed very well via  games and playful atmosphere. Language and phonics are also part of the course structure.

The sessions include lectures by eminent faculty who are adept at their work. The program also includes clay modeling and craft work which is imperative to bring forth the concepts more effectively. The challenge in nursery teaching is to help children understand the importance of being independent and also imbibe certain skill sets which are required at their age. The puppetry lessons are also aimed at giving information about general knowledge like our country, community helpers and in those lines.

We offer the reasonable price package for nursery teacher training diploma courses in Mumbai. Our team imparting the training is experienced and there are tutorials which are conducted in a tech driven atmosphere. Addressing all your concerns about how to go forth and cultivate the skill of taking care of nursery students, the psychological parameters are also discussed as part of the course. The course also includes basic training on health as well diet plans for kids. This also includes hygiene and safety pertaining to kids. The course is also suited for people who want to start their own playschool or for those who are looking to make a career in the field of preprimary education.