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Along with the major infrastructure and furniture, a preschool requires a lot of materials and equipments. Some materials are essential and required daily, while some provide an add-on advantage and are used occasionally.

Papers are an essential item in your preschool. You will require a continuous supply of papers of various types. This involves blank and ruled sheets, printed papers like attendance sheets and worksheets. Various types of papers for crafts like glossy papers, chart sheets and many more types are often required. Similarly you will require register books and files to maintain various records.

Various preschool toys and supplies are also essential in a preschool. These may be simple jigsaw puzzles, memory games, building blocks, pretend and play sets as well as the latest innovative games for kids. Along with games, story and poetry books are also required. You need to replenish this stock from time to time. Stationery items like colors, pencils, erasers and other items are a must. You can go in for custom kits and sets intended for preschools. We are custom preschool kit and school bags manufacturers in Mumbai.

To ensure the proper functioning of the school, you must arrange for suppliers who can provide the necessary items in time and at reasonable rates. We are dealers of play school and preschool furniture in Mumbai.


Teaching aids today have crossed the limitations of blackboards and chalks. Traditional blackboards are now accompanied by white boards, marker pens and also by projectors and computers. Demonstrations on screens are equally significant in schools and even in preschools. Teaching aids are required more particularly at preschool and levels for connecting effectively with the tiny tots. We supply preschool books in Mumbai and Montessori materials in India

Other teaching aids involve audio aids like MP3 players and static visual aids like slides, flash cards and demonstrative kits and games. Teaching through role play is considered effective right from the preschool level. For this, various props and robes are made available and they constitute teaching aids as well. Flip boards and charts are also used effectively for teaching. Flip boards are boards with attached chart papers. The teacher can write or draw on the papers and flip them as the topic moves ahead. At higher levels, laboratories with relevant equipments are essential teaching aids. We are teaching aid suppliers in Mumbai and also provide educational supplies in India.