School Apps for Parents

With children getting tech-savvy these days, schools and parents are getting geared up for the same. The traditional ways of relying on planned parents-teachers meet and written notes and reports are getting a setback in the urban schools. Parents prefer to stay in touch online and trace the schedules and development of their wards. With schools encouraging the use of applications like emails and whatspp and preferably that of school apps, this goal is achieved to a great extent. The application is a boon for parents of preschool kids as well as parents of kids studying in the secondary and higher classes. The former can keep a track of all the minute developments while the latter can concentrate on studies and overall progress.

School apps are online applications that are compatible with computers and mobile phones. The schools can upload documents, circulars and other data which can be remotely accessed by parents. The school provides a parent login that can help the parent access the application. This ensures the confidentiality. Apart from notices, timetables and circulars, schools can update the apps for mass messaging and mailing. This is done by utilizing the contact details of the parents as provided to the school authorities. As a result, even if a parent does not log in to the app, important messages are not missed out. Other way round, parents can also email the school authority if required.

The details of the child are updated in the school application. Everything from the basic individual information to the results and performance reports, every detail can be traced on the app. Assignments and worksheets can be uploaded. Parents can check and verify the attendance, individual, cumulative and comparative performance of the child. The latest news regarding the upcoming events, clubs and conferences can be located here. So even if the child misses out any announcement or skips any important detail in the diary, parents are aware of it.

School apps can be made interesting as the school can upload the pictures of functions like annual day and sports day. So parents can place orders for the same and also need to wait till they receive the copies or CDs. Most important facility provided by the apps is the online payment of school fees. Parents need not wait in long queues and rely on challans for fee payments. With apps it is done in just a few clicks. Thus with the busy schedule today, parents are relieved with school apps being introduced.

The application can be operated for all the classes from K-12. Accordingly school teachers and administration are required to manage the upload of data appropriate to various classes. The application is linked to the school website.

This is from one perspective. For the school administrators, the update of the application is a crucial and important task. With thousands of parents relying on the app, schools need to ensure that every update is regular and the system is up. School also needs to conduct the risk analysis and make provision for backup and recovery.