School ERP Software and School Website Ideas

ERP Software: ERP software comprises of a cross functional enterprise system that enables the management of internal business processes of a company. School application software can be managed by ERP. ERP software used for schools is web based software for automation and management. They can be customized to suit the needs of the educational institutions. ERP software facilitates smooth interaction between students, parents and teachers. It also enables the higher authorities of the school to monitor and execute the administrative activities which are otherwise an extremely intensive job.

The ERP software can be accessed through applications that are user friendly. These apps can be accessed on computers, tablets and cell phones with ease. This reduces the compulsion on parents to be physically present or to follow up with the updates tediously.

You can design and develop an ERP application for your school based on the requirements. The software can be developed to satisfy the basic requirements of performance, attendance, circulars and fee applications. Alternatively it could be developed on an extensive scale to include a lot of features ranging from library management, issuing of identity cards and so on. If your school is a K-12 grade school, you can customize ERP in different ways for preschool, primary, secondary and higher secondary sections. The software can be linked conveniently with a content management system that facilities database management.

We provide consultancy service for the software development services to develop excellent ERP software for your school that will provide an easy online and centralized system.

School Website: A website is an essential medium for any organization today. Online presence helps an institute to gain global recognition. A well designed school website not only acts as an informative medium for parents but also helps to spread a positive mouth to mouth publicity that increases the student strength year after year.

We are educare consultants who provide services to design develop and maintain your school website. You can design your website highlighting the features of your school. The website should be attractive and designed to understand your audience. You need to understand the expectations of parents and highlight them accordingly. Your school website can help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Parents of prospective students can view the mission, vision, academics and infrastructure facilities in the school.
  • Parents can access ERP applications linked to the website and utilize them.
  • You can link a blog that can host educational updates and articles and attract students and parents.
  • You can upload pictures related to extracurricular activities of your school and promote the overall development of students that your school strives for.
  • You can give a brief of the curriculum and admission procedure that will help reduce the efforts of parents and the school staff.
  • A roadmap and contact details of the school can save a lot of search efforts for parents.
  • The school and students’ achievements if highlighted on the website can make you feel proud.

Thus, ERP software and a website are recommended for new and well established schools.