Set up activity centers, after school programs, and day cares in India

Day care is a very prospective and lucrative business in India. With the increasing awareness about baby care, parents are getting more and more aware of the latest trends in day care system. As a result this business has evolved with a professional touch.

You can start your own day care centre on a small scale at home too. Initially it can be a homely small unit which can later be expanded to have a professional set up. You also have the flexibility of time and age limit in your day care. If you can hire domestic and professional help you can run the day care throughout the day and on weekends too. Several parents need to be out due to work demands and they prefer day cares that can take care of kids for longer times and also on weekends.

Alternatively you can attach an activity centre to your day care. This activity centre is especially set up for preschool and kindergarten kids. These kids are off to school for a limited period of time and have the rest of the day at their disposal. You can harness this energy by engaging them in creative physical and intellectual activities. These need not be studies but activities that help them learn and develop their health and intellectual skills. If you own a preschool, you can set up activity centers your classroom and device a curriculum and day care syllabus too.

Similar to activity centres are after school programs. You can tie up with a preschool in your locality and set up an after school centre or coordinate after school programs. You can even start an after school program for your day care kids. After school programs can be scheduled for a short duration or they can be conducted throughout the year. These may include homework and part of studies followed by indoor and outdoor games. There are standard patterns for after school program curriculum in India.

All the above activities require an infrastructure and some facilities and equipments. Based on the scale on which you start the program or day care, you require furniture, toys, indoor and outdoor setup. First aid and security measures are the most important aspects for all these activities. Hiring domestic help for cleanliness and snack preparation is also essential.

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