Start a Preschool at Home

A preschool is a good option if you love kids and love educating them. You can start a preschool in the comfort of your home too. However, you need to follow some steps to make it authentic, attractive for kids and comforting for parents to send their kids.

The first step is to study the structure of your house and plan the school layout. You need to have place for study area and a small play area. You need to plan the area considering the decoration, painting, toy space and school furniture. The toilets should be convenient to use.

Once you are done with your mapping, you can apply for a license to the local regulatory body. There will be a visit to inspect the area in terms of safety and convenience of the kids. You receive a preference if you have experience of an academic background or a playschool related certification.

Once you receive a license, you can set up the school. Considering the space and number of kids that you can admit, buy the required furniture. Ensure adequate size of the desks or tables so that they are comfortable for the kids. Set up the shelves and other furniture at required heights depending on the access of the kids or teacher. Buy books and toys of relevant categories required for the age group. You can buy them online or contact suppliers who deal in them. Ensure good quality of every item to prevent any mishap. You may have another visit by the licensing committee when the school is set up. Make adequate arrangements for documentation and records. Also hire help for cleanliness and other support.

Once you are ready, you can market your playschool in the neighborhood to welcome students. For any help or consultation required for setting up your own preschool, you can contact us.