What are the Creche Facility Rules In India

Crèche Facility Rules In India

Parents today are very particular about the upbringing of their children. Gone are the days when there was at least the mother to look after the child while the father was working. Then there were at least the grandparents who were willing to take that responsibility in a joint family. Today, with nuclear families and both parents working, the new born child is often left to the care of a nanny at home or better still at a nearby crèche. Grandparents too are more often than not far away from their children and therefore the question of taking care of grand children sadly does not arise, though they would have liked to.

Some companies have come out with crèche facility within their premises to take care of such children of working mothers. However, when it comes to following crèche facility rules in India, there are opacity. That is because; such rules have not been clearly laid out till now. It is only recently that following the Right To Education Act and other initiatives supporting maternity that attention has been drawn to drafting crèche facility rules in India.

Market studies have shown that the preschool child care potential in India will be huge and a growth rate of over 20% has been predicted. This has led to the mushrooming of many preschool and Montessori set ups that do not follow the regulations and that is something the government wants to avoid.

Some of the broad crèche rules that anybody wishing to set up such facilities should follow are as under:

1) The owners of such facilities have to be driven by passion for child care and not by the commercial interests totally. They should keep in mind that they are going to be responsible for the care of an entire generation of children whose early years are going to be influenced by the experiences they undergo at a crèche facility.

2) The need to have empathetic, well trained staff as well as infrastructure that is neat in all respects is therefore a must.

3) Setting up a crèche is a long term business proposition and there is no place for interruptions due to any reasons of not following proper certification and licensing norms.

4) The facility should be at a distance that can be easily visited by parents at any time of the day.

5) All safety and hygiene factors have to be fully addressed with regular maintenance checks to ensure children are not put to any danger.

6) Children at the crèche should feel totally at home and should not miss the presence of their parents. That should be the ultimate goal of any crèche facility.

Once you are able to set up something that has followed the crèche facility rules in India successfully, you can look forward to very good word of mouth publicity. You can get loans for expansion if you desire easily from the financial institutions due to the reputation you have been able to build. Get in touch with us to know how to run a creche business, or create a good creche business plan in India / requirements for opening a creche etc